All about “The Authentic Brand”

About The Book

This book explains “how doing good means doing well” for profit-oriented companies. Simply put, it explores why supporting worthy causes can be very good for business. Within the pages of The Business of Cause Marketing, readers can learn about the real benefits for companies that have endorsed a variety of philanthropic initiatives. Through these mutually beneficial relationships, companies garner goodwill among all their stakeholders from employees to customers and nonprofit charitable organizations get the support they need to carry out their missions.

Cause marketing, also referred to as cause-related marketing, is a public-relations strategy that leverages the public’s demand for socially responsible corporations by forging an alliance between a for-profit company and a non-profit organization (or “cause”). Under a cause-marketing campaign, a company incorporates a philanthropic agenda as part of its marketing strategy, garnering ongoing media attention and visibility through cause-related events, public-relations activities, internal communications, merchandising, advertising, package design, online social media and marketing, and the like. Cause-marketing principles can be applied to any business model, whether the corporation is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, and regardless of company size.

At a time when corporate scandals seem commonplace, it’s refreshing to find out about businesses that really care. By establishing a partnership with an altruistic organization, for-profit companies have a tangible way to demonstrate their belief in social responsibility. Raising awareness about the relationship provides companies opportunities to communicate their messages in a positive framework and makes audiences more receptive to hearing what companies have to convey. By supporting a cause, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out in a crowded media market. To sum up, cause marketing enhances reputations and fosters goodwill while focusing attention on important charitable endeavors.

Among the questions this book addresses are:

  • Why should companies engage in cause marketing?
  • How do companies select an appropriate nonprofit partner?
  • What are some examples of successful cause-marketing campaigns?
  • In what ways does cause-marketing contribute to an overall public relations/marketing campaign?
  • Are there best practices to keep in mind when carrying out a cause-marketing campaign?

I wrote this book because I have first-hand experience with the power of cause marketing and what it can do to transform a company and elevate its image. Our company has helped pioneer the practice of cause marketing and nurture relationships between numerous clients and their respective nonprofit causes. Without exception, our clients have enjoyed very favorable results. Through this book, I am delighted to share the knowledge I’ve gained about what it takes to successfully achieve concrete marketing objectives through carefully structured and implemented cause-marketing campaigns.